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Wool is a renewable and biodegradable resource offering
excellent thermal and antibacterial properties. The wool fiber
is generally hydrophobic and repels water droplets, water vapor,
on the other hand, is absorbed very easily and dissipated gradually.
The wool fiber can absorb as much as 1/3 of its weight. While
absorbing the moisture, a reaction within the wool generates heat
and prevents the fabric from feeling wet or clammy. Since wool has
a natural crimp, the material also creates greater bulk than other
textiles resulting in the ability to store more air and thus retain
body heat. Wool is also harder to ignite than cotton and various
synthetic fibers.

• Sustainable and biodegradable
• High water moisture absorption
• Excellent thermal properties when wet
• Antibacterial and hardly inflammable



90% recycled PES and 10% virgin PES.

Fibers made from post-consumer plastic bottles are a sustainable
and eco-friendly resource for high-performance padding for
outdoor clothing. Placed between the outer shell and the lining
of a garment, the multi-layer recycled insulation is lightweight and
breathable, offering highly efficient thermal protection that cannot
leak or build clusters. The material can also be machine washed
without negative effects on its functionality or performance.

• Made from 90% recycled PET bottles
• Lightweight and breathable
• Excellent thermal properties


The Responsible Down Standard is a leading standard for animal
welfare in down and feather products. Down certified according
to this standard is not sourced from ducks or geese which were
force-fed and/or live-plucked;
it is, on the contrary, sourced from birds raised respecting
animal welfare aspects based on the five freedoms for farm
animals (freedom 1) from hunger or thirst, 2) from discomfort,
3) from pain, injury or disease, 4) to express most normal
behavior, and 5) from fear and distress). In addition, down
certified according to the Responsible Down Standard offers full
supply chain transparency with an integrated traceability system.

• Superior insulation and functionality
• Sourced from well-treated ducks and geese
• RDS is an independent, voluntary global standard
• Supported by animal welfare groups, industry experts, brands, and retailers