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Providing durable liquid repellency, the fluorocarbon-free
Aquapel treatment is a highly efficient way to waterproof
functional garments. Also, fabrics treated with Aquapel dry
up to 50% faster than untreated fabrics and at the same time
allows for unaltered breathability.
No matter what comes your way, you are always ready with
our INTERSPORT garments treated with eco-friendly, PFC-free

• Advanced water repellency
• Superior breathability
• PFC-free, eco-friendly protection



The eco-friendly alternatives to traditional, chemical-based
water-repellent fabric finishes are usually PFC-free products such
as paraffin, silicones, melamines, or dendrimers. Unfortunately,
none of the above perform well enough to be a real substitute
suitable for serious bad-weather outdoor activities. Teflon EcoElite,
however, is a sustainable, highly durable, PFC-free and renewably
sourced water-repellent treatment for fabrics offering three times
the durability and protective performance of other eco-friendly
finishes. Teflon EcoElite contains no PFC, is made from 60%
renewably sourced content and can be applied to a wide variety of
fabrics in a pad bath at loading levels comparable to other finishes.

• Renewably sourced water-repelling finish
• PFC-free
• Three times more durable than other PFC-free repellents
• Consistent quality on cotton, synthetics, and blends




Supporting the need for more sustainable and ecological solutions
for functional fabrics, the proven DRY PLUS moisture management
technology by INTERSPORT is now turning green by replacing the
chemical treatment of the fibers with a natural wicking, certified
and biodegradable finish by miDori®. The miDori® plant seed
oil is a sustainable alternative to non-renewable, petrochemical
raw materials and fully meets our strict wicking performance
standards for functional textiles. This new, natural treatment of
the fabric keeps you dry and comfortable during physical activity.

• Fabric finish based on natural and sustainable raw materials
• Full wicking performance for a dry body climate
• Maximum comfort and performance