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Merino wool is a renewable hypoallergenic resource offering superior natural breathability, elasticity, moisture management, UV protection, odor control, insulation, and water repellency. Being the Merino sheep’s natural barrier from the elements, the wool combines all necessary protective and functional properties and more to make life outside possible.

Merino wool is an active fiber reacting to changes in body climate and it helps you stay warm when the weather is cold, and cool when the weather is hot. Like the sheep’s wool adapting to summer and winter conditions, INTERSPORT is offering various qualities of Merino wool garments for different seasons and activities. We only use guaranteed mulesing-free Meriono wool.

• 100% natural
• Moisture absorbent and breathable
• Very comfortable and warm
• Inherent odor control
• Mulesing free


Coffee grounds are available in huge quantities and therefore a very sustainable and environmentally friendly resource. For the innovative S.Café fabrics, post processed coffee grounds are combined with polymers and applied to the yarn with a low-temperature,  high-pressure and energy saving process.

The eco-friendly S.Café technology provides excellent odor control and has the ability to dry fast. S.Café fabrics provide a comfortable feel combined with functional qualities for all outdoor and lifestyle activities.