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How to load your trekking rucksack

The document pouch integrated in the top lid should be used for rarely needed but important items like money, keys, and ID/driver’s license etc.
Everything needed on a regular basis should be stored in the top lid and the outer pockets: toilet paper, additional clothing, drinking bottle, maps, compass, snacks etc.
Long items such as tent poles or trekking poles should – whenever not in use – be lashed to the sides of the backpack with compression straps; place the tips and ends inside the storage pockets or garages. Large and bulky equipment like sleeping mat or tent should also be lashed to the outside of the rucksack and secured with compression or webbing straps.
The main compartment is where kitchen utensils, food, spare clothing, and personal items should be packed. Heavy gear should go on top and needs to be placed close to your back and centred between your shoulder blades. The least used equipment (bivouac bag etc.) can be stored on the bottom. Your first aid kit and rain gear needs to be easily accessible in the upper part of your rucksack.
The bottom compartment is meant for lightweight gear like your sleeping bag or spare clothing.