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How to care for apparel

Apart from cleaning external dirt, your outdoor garment also requires regular maintenance to keep its functionality. Oil, grease and salt from your sweat can clog the pores of the apparel’s membrane, which reduces its breathability. Also, the water repellency of the outer fabric can wear off with use and time. To maintain the breathability and waterproof properties, make sure to clean your garment and refresh the water repellent regularly according to a few helpful guidelines.

Washing and drying functional apparel

  • Always read the care tag. Different textiles and membranes may require different maintenance.
  • Close all zippers and Velcro tabs and turn your garment inside out.
  • Use liquid detergent only; do not use hot water and make sure to rinse the garment thoroughly.
  • If available, consider using a specially designed washing liquid for waterproof garments.
  • Do not use fabric softener as it may destroy the membrane.
  • Dry the garment completely. You may use your tumble dryer (read care tag!).

Tipp: Only wash your garment when you notice that its functionality is starting to fade.


Re-waterproofing your garment

To maintain the waterproof properties of your garment, you will have to refresh regularly the waterproof coating. Also, re-waterproof the garment with a spray or wash-in DWR after 5-7 washes.

  • To refresh the waterproof coating, simply dry-tumble the garment for five minutes.
  • You can also carefully iron the garment to refresh the waterproof coating. Make sure to place a cloth between the iron and the garment (do not use the iron directly on the product as the material could melt!).
  • When the DWR (durable waterproof repellency) begins to fail, reproof the garment with a special spray or wash-in product. This is usually necessary after 5-7 washes.
  • Spray-on agents should only be used on clean and dry garments.
  • Place the garment on a hanger in a well-ventilated room or outside.
  • Spray the entire garment slowly and evenly from a distance of 15-20cm.
  • Leave the garment on the hanger to dry. The DWR will be fully active after 24 hours.
  • To seal the re-applied DWR, dry-tumble or iron the garment as mentioned above.
  • If using a wash-in DWR, follow the instructions for the respective product.

Tipp: Specialty care products are the safest way to add or renew water repellency or waterproofness, revive breathability of all shell garments, prolong the life of the gear, maintain the look and feel of the fabric and to optimize the performance in wet conditions.

Fleece jackets

For the best results, close the zippers, turn it inside out, and wash on a cold cycle. This will prevent the fleece from pilling. Use only a very small amount of laundry detergent, as this will keep your fleece fluffy and soft. Avoid tumble-drying and never dry close to a direct source of heat.