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Product description

When it comes to snow-wear, kids needs gloves that will perform all day long - the Chan gloves from McKINLEY for boys and girls are therefore the ideal choice. Designed specifically for winter pursuits, the gloves feature pre-shaped fingers, reinforced palms and powder cuffs for endless fun in the snow. Waterproofing and breathability are ensured by AQUAMAX® Elite technology, while THERMOLITE® insulation is quite literally on hand to keep youngsters feeling warm and snug.


Following technologies belong to the sustainability concept. Discover more...


The eco-friendly PCF free finish is a sustainable, highly durable and renewable water-repellent treatment made from 60% renewably sourced content. Fabrics treated with PFC fluorocarbon-free are durable repellent, dry 50% faster than untreated fabrics and allow at the same time for unaltered breathability.

  • PFC-free, eco-friendly
  • Renewable sourced water-repelling finish

Features & Benefits

Waterproof fabric

Preshaped fingers

Powder cuff

Elastic security leash

Reinforced palm



Kids Safety

The EU standard EN 14682:2008-02 identifies potential safety hazards in children’s clothing caused by cords and drawstrings.
It defines types of hazard, levels of risk and the vulnerability of children, and sets recommendations to minimise the risk of accidental entrapments by cords and drawstrings in children’s clothing.
The norm suggests the textile industry’s self-commitment to prevent and avoid tear proof and continuous cords especially in the neck area of children's wear.


INVISTA's THERMOLITE® fiber and insulation provides warmth and comfort without weight. Because it is comfortable and lightweight, THERMOLITE® fiber and insulation allows freedom of movement—making it the perfect layer. Its hollow-core fibers trap in air for greater insulation for light, yet heavy-duty performance. CORE technology provides lightweight warmth for all activities. It offers functional insulation with excellent durability. THERMOLITE® CORE technology is engineered to keep the wearer warmer longer Benefits
  • Permanent lightweight warmth performance
  • Good Insulation (CLO) levels
  • Fabric certification processes help ensure consistent high performance regardless of supply source
  • Easy-care
  • Good Fabric and insulation stability


For average athletic activities in all weather conditions. AQUAMAX technology allows your body to stay comfortably dry and supports temperature control during physical activity.