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Whoever walks through the "next door to nature" discovers a world full of unknown plants, mysterious animal trails and surprising challenges. Follow Scott from the McKINLEY Team on his adventures and get some practical tips on the choice and use of the equipment or natural knowledge.

Episode #1: How to pack your backpack

Nature has gifted animals with the most incredible transporting capabilities. Bees for example, they have special pockets in their legs in which they carry the pollen to their nest. The dung beetles roll their food up into a ball and to move it forward, they literally dance on top of it. And now let me show you, how to carry your load in the backpack.


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Episode #3: How to pick the perfect sleeping bag?

I’m going to show you how you can sleep like a baby anywhere. But let’s take a step back and look at nature first. 

Dusk is when nature changes over shifts. Some are just waking up while others are going to bed. But before you can crawl into your sleeping bag too, you need to make two important decisions: type of sleeping bag and insulation.

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